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Between developments of the pro version of SocialCompare that enable everyone (without any technical skills) to easily build their own products comparison website or features software comparison site or services reviews or any else and the consumer version of our crowdsourced comparison site, we have not taken too much time posting on this blog but we really continue to improve both versions of our comparison engine.

Below are some new features we have implemented recently:

  • We have added a new option to the yes/no criteria, now there’s a third one that allows to be more gradual:
    yes no criterion SocialCompare
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We are finalizing the Professional version of the community site It will be now possible, without technical or programming skills, to build your own Comparison Engine about everything.

Build Your Own Comparison Engine

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For bloggers or webmasters using wordpress CMS, we have released few days ago a wordpress plugin to easily embed comparison table on your blog.
I have already explained in a previous post how to embed a table on many blog platforms… but for wordpress blogger, it will be even easier now.

For the moment the plugin is quite simple, there is not a lot of customization to do, but in the future we could integrate more custom fields. Meanwhile you can read the previous blog post explaining in details how to customize easily the appareance of your table.

One simple reason to use the plugin for example is that you can define once the design options of your table adapted to your blog design at one place (on the plugin page), and then embbeded different tables on you website without redefining this each time.
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Manage backups, and static versions of a comparative table

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We did not take time to do a blog post so far, but actually in the previous “release” of SocialCompare, when we have deployed a new Visual dimensions comparison tool and an units converter, we have also deployed a new system to manage backups, static versions of a given table.

Indeed we prefer that users publish their comparison table in a total public mode with the edition rights set opened to everyone, so everyone can improve the original table…. On the other side, we understand that some bloggers, webmasters for example, including a table on their website, prefer sometimes to keep their content version (to be sure to publish the table they want on their website).
There is already a system that keep history to see all the changes that occured on a table, eventually we will probably do a feature to “restore a previous content” if an user changes something that should not be.
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Similarly to the units converter tool (see previous post), we have decided to provide the innovative feature to compare sizes, currently available on socialcompare tables, directly as an new independant tool.

Now you do not need to create a comparison table to be able to compare everything: compare easily sizes of objects, animals, persons… visually.

For example you could compare products such as iPad vs Galaxy Tab vs Iphone4, or Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 :

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