Comparison of web fonts solutions (@font-face vs sIFR vs typeface.js vs Cufon vs FLIR…)

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While we are currenlty working on the full redesign of SocialCompare, we were trying to find the best solution to manage fonts and display nice fonts for titles or other texts that would be seen similarly on every web browser.

We have discovered a lot of fonts solutions and decided to make a quick comparison. As usual, we did a public comparison that can be edited and commented by everyone, so do not hesitate to improve or complete it.

Here is our features matrix of these different web fonts solutions (@font-face vs sIFR vs typeface.js vs Cufon vs FLIR…) :


  • You missed http://kernest.com/ similar to google webfonts. Free and Open source project. Worth checking out!

    Posted 2010-09-15 21:31:28 by Rafael Vega
    • Thanks for the info, we did not know this one.

      Posted 2010-09-16 00:14:48 by Vanina
  • Hi we use flash replacement on our website http://www.calls4u.net/blog – it works very well and renders well, very easy to set up using the wordpress plugin, however it does take the developer a while to get layouts right because of the line height problem etc.

    Posted 2010-10-17 19:10:59 by calls

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