New visual comparison feature: Compare sizes of any object in SocialCompare

We like innovation and to build some nice tools, that is the reason we are developping SocialCompare… today we release a new innovative part of the project: a way to compare visually sizes, dimensions of any object.

Indeed, regularly you have dimensions (width, height, depth) criteria in comparison tables because it is usually interesting to compare sizes between objects. So we have developed a visual tool that automatically generates the differents objects (in rectangles shapes) using different colors and with the adequate sizes proportions. Then you can drag and drop the visual rectangle to compare the dimensions of each object (animal, person…).

For example, it could be useful to compare latest smartphones, ereaders or also compare tablets. But it is not necessary for high-tech products only… just try with all the objects you want to compare sizes.

A new “Graph icon” appears on the top left corner of each table containing width,height,depth criteria :

You just need to click on the “graph icon” , to visualize the different sizes :

You just need to click on the “table icon” on the top left corner to go back to the table data.

If you have any feedback to send us, please do not hesitate!

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