Visualization comparison tool : visualize sizes, dimensions differences

Similarly to the units converter tool (see previous post), we have decided to provide the innovative feature to compare sizes, currently available on socialcompare tables, directly as an new independant tool.

Now you do not need to create a comparison table to be able to compare everything: compare easily sizes of objects, animals, persons… visually.

For example you could compare products such as iPad vs Galaxy Tab vs Iphone4, or Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 :

or Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs iPad vs Galaxy Tab vs iPhone4:

or countries such as USA vs France :

or persons such as Obama vs Sarkozy :

or animals/persons such as Diplodocus vs Woman :

or Triceratops vs Obama :

Either comparisons use predefined shapes (rectangles..) or vectorial images (SVG) in advanced mode or normal images (PNG..).
You need to know that vectorial images are not supported in some cases (i.e: Internet Explorer without SVG plugin).

Here is a quick video introducing the tool:

Of course these visual comparisons can be saved to be shared on social networks or embed directly on blog post or website.

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