Manage backups, and static versions of a comparative table

We did not take time to do a blog post so far, but actually in the previous “release” of SocialCompare, when we have deployed a new Visual dimensions comparison tool and an units converter, we have also deployed a new system to manage backups, static versions of a given table.

Indeed we prefer that users publish their comparison table in a total public mode with the edition rights set opened to everyone, so everyone can improve the original table…. On the other side, we understand that some bloggers, webmasters for example, including a table on their website, prefer sometimes to keep their content version (to be sure to publish the table they want on their website).
There is already a system that keep history to see all the changes that occured on a table, eventually we will probably do a feature to “restore a previous content” if an user changes something that should not be.

Therefore, we thought it would be nice to save static versions of the same table (a kind of backups). For example, you can save the first version of your table when it is published and decide to include it into your blog post. So it will be a static version of the table (backup at a given time) on your website… but you could leave the table editable by everyone, and thus the comparison can be improved freely on the SocialCompare’s platform.
All backups are available on the same page.

Here’s how to proceed to manage backups, static versions of your table:

  1. Click “More details” below the title of the comparison.

  2. Click “Manage snapshots, backups” on the bottom right of the details area:

  3. Choose a title for the backup and click on “Create a snapshot”

  4. Click on “embed” button beside the name of your backup, if you want to include this static version in your website.

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