A Comparison Engine ready to use, easy to create and a white label solution…

We are finalizing the Professional version of the community site SocialCompare.com. It will be now possible, without technical or programming skills, to build your own Comparison Engine about everything.

Build Your Own Comparison Engine

Usage may be various, either online stores that want to add a comparison engine to compare in details features or specifications of their products, or webmasters who want to quickly set up a comparison website on services or products… (including affiliate marketers), or even companies, universities .. who want for their private needs to have a highly flexible, collaborative (editable by many persons) comparison engine, so allowing them to store data associated to various comparison criteria, and easily customizable (for example to compare competitors, suppliers…).

The advantage of using the Pro solution of SocialCompare is firstly, that the solution is easy to implement, it is a turnkey comparison software, easy to use and flexible to suit various needs.
Then if the comparison engine is integrated into an existing site, it is a way to boost your Internet traffic with a SEO Friendly solution, optimized for search engines. You can quickly create content by creating different views of the same comparative data set, according to the criteria or selection of products you are comparing.

All of this content can also be easily used on other websites, including a blog: this will allow you, for example, to create a comparison table and include it in your blog (as possible on the public collaborative comparison engine SocialCompare.com). The advantage is that all such data embedded on external sites will be automatically updated when you update the data in the comparison engine (ie if you update a product price).

Data may be added manually or imported in various formats (XML, CSV, HTML).

The idea is to allow everyone to quickly set up a comparison engine on the web or for private usage.

Join the private beta list today, if you are interested, we will contact you soon, to let you test the solution.

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