New features for our turnkey comparison engine and our crowdsourced comparison platform

Between developments of the pro version of SocialCompare that enable everyone (without any technical skills) to easily build their own products comparison website or features software comparison site or services reviews or any else and the consumer version of our crowdsourced comparison site, we have not taken too much time posting on this blog but we really continue to improve both versions of our comparison engine.

Below are some new features we have implemented recently:

  • We have added a new option to the yes/no criteria, now there’s a third one that allows to be more gradual:
    yes no criterion SocialCompare

    These three states have visually 3 default icons. When you embed a table on your blog or website, you can choose between 3 different designs (more or less large):
    Big Comparison Criteria Yes No
    Comparison Criteria Yes No Medium
    Tiny Comparison Criteria Yes No
  • We have added a new page to see recent activities of SocialCompare’s members (the latest additions, modifications, votes, notes…).
  • The table design have been slightly improved, especially for editing and error and warning handling.
    Errors and Warnings Management
  • We added direct web links on the items in the header tables, which allow you to see the aggregation of all the votes, ratings, comments associated with this sheet item (product, software, service…):
    Great Comparison Chart
  • We have improved the ergonomy when adding a new comparison criterion by moving the choice of criteria type (text, yes/no, image … etc.) to the right of the input field instead of underneath this data input field. So it is always visible, even when the criteria suggestions appear (which are important in order to reuse existing content and to continually improve the SocialCompare database):
    add comparison criterion
  • In the pro version, we added a button criterion that allows you to easily create an action button pointing to a web link. There is also a new geolocation criterion (not really visible yet).
    Button Price Criteria

  • UK web site URLs that end with co.uk are now better handled showing the relevant part of the URL (since before it was truncated in the wrong place).
  • And finally for votes or ratings, you can change the value that was initially chosen … it enables you to change your mind or correct the value if you made a mistake. This will change the previous value and change the comment associated with the comparison table or item sheet.

Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions to improve our service!

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