It is not easy to create nice tables on blogging platforms such as Blogger, Overblog, CanalBlog, Skyrock, Hautetfort… or even in WordPress or Dotclear. Indeed, we usually need to know a bit of HTML and CSS techniques to be able to publish nice tables. Now there is an easy solution: create a table on SocialCompare, [...]

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Quick screencast to edit a comparison table

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The “edit comparison” part of the site will change in the coming weeks, so we did not spend too much time on this quick screencast. But it could be useful for current users to familiarize with Edit mode, here is how to create a comparison and publish it :

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[screencast] How to add an item to a comparison table

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A nice SocialCompare’s user makes a tutorial screencast to explain how to add an item. It could be useful before we release the new design of SocialCompare:

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SocialCompare handles structured data, that means that we try to differentiate simple text from more specific text such as date, currency…etc. We believe that it is more interesting to compare structured data, to be able to filter them according to the type or use specific tool dedicated to this type such as currency converter or date [...]

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Let’s introduce you today what exactly you will be able to do on SocialCompare : as a visitor on the site: explore and search comparisons in any field. access to comparative data in various languages, the web interface is available in english and in french for the moment. display, hide or invert columns or lines [...]

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