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Units Converter Tool

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To develop an innovative feature to compare sizes of any object in SocialCompare, we needed to convert units in all comparisons tables, so we have developed a small tool converting all main existing units.

We use it in SocialCompare to automatically convert all US units into standard units, and then display both units, as explained in this previous post.

Now, this unit converter tool is also available as an independant tool (if you want to convert units for other purposes) in our new page dedicated to tools, plugins and gadgets.

If you see any issue or have some feedbacks to provide, please do not hesitate!

We like innovation and to build some nice tools, that is the reason we are developping SocialCompare… today we release a new innovative part of the project: a way to compare visually sizes, dimensions of any object.

Indeed, regularly you have dimensions (width, height, depth) criteria in comparison tables because it is usually interesting to compare sizes between objects. So we have developed a visual tool that automatically generates the differents objects (in rectangles shapes) using different colors and with the adequate sizes proportions. Then you can drag and drop the visual rectangle to compare the dimensions of each object (animal, person…).

For example, it could be useful to compare latest smartphones, ereaders or also compare tablets. But it is not necessary for high-tech products only… just try with all the objects you want to compare sizes.

A new “Graph icon” appears on the top left corner of each table containing width,height,depth criteria :

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Units are automatically converted in comparison tables

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Since SocialCompare is an international platform that contains multilingual comparisons tables, we have implemented a small feature to convert all main units from US system to International standard system and vice-versa. It will help everybody to read measurements, dimensions… more easily.

Now both units systems can be available into tables, you just need to set your favorite one into the “Preferences” window.

Then a comparison table, not using your favorite units sytem, will be automatically converted and will display both units (original units used by the creator of the table and the conversion for you as a reader).

Here is an example :

As we can create collaborative comparisons, tables or lists about everything with SocialCompare, I have decided to create a list today, that could be usefull for all new startups.

Indeed, I have compiled a list of blogs or directories that review startups, web applications, web 2.0 tools

If you know other interesting ressource, please feel free to complete the list and add it… thanks.
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It is not easy to create nice tables on blogging platforms such as Blogger, Overblog, CanalBlog, Skyrock, Hautetfort… or even in WordPress or Dotclear.
Indeed, we usually need to know a bit of HTML and CSS techniques to be able to publish nice tables.

Now there is an easy solution: create a table on SocialCompare, click on the “embed” button and copy and paste the code into your blog post.

Here is an example in images, step by step :

  1. Click on “create a table” in SocialCompare:

    Choose the name of your table, a category/theme and click on “Add” (except if you already have the table as a spreadsheet, then you can click on “Import”):

    create comparison table

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