We have created a Facebook fan page before launching the platform last November, and now we would like to use it more. We plan to publish more regularly nice comparisons tables that we can found on SocialCompare. First, if you like SocialCompare’s project, you can click on “Like” button in order to get fresh news [...]

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SocialCompare opens the doors…

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It is now time to open the doors to everyone and to remove the invitation token system, of the private beta version. So everyone is able today to use SocialCompare, the platform to create, update comparisons and participate to the community, voting, rating or commenting the content. You can either register to SocialCompare using an [...]

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SocialCompare full redesign is almost finished… it remains mainly the blog redesign to integrate.. so we will release really soon a new fresh version and start to communicate on our innovative platform. If you are interested in our project, we have just launched a facebook page and we will deliver last screenshots, screencasts.. of the [...]

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