We have just released few updates for SocialCompare. The main changes and impacts for users are the following ones: 1 – Choose the embed comparison table style: First, if you are a blogger or webmaster, and you want to embed a comparison table on your website, you can now customize exactly the table as you [...]

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We have just released a new version of SocialCompare, that contains several small updates. The 2 main visible updates are the access to the Revision history of all comparisons or elements to be compared. First, it will enable you to see what happened on each content and who has modified what… Later it will enable us to [...]

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Releasing SocialCompare platform to compare everything

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After few months of design, ergonomy and functionnalities improvements of our private beta version, we are now very glad to release SocialCompare platform. We are now ready to communicate about our innovative service. This week we will still keep the invitation token system that allow only users with invitations to register as a member (contact [...]

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We continue to improve functionnalities of SocialCompare.com, the site to create and share comparisons. We have just released a new version, and the main changes are: Single click edit : you just need to click once on a table cell to make a suggestion or edit it (depending on your rights on the item). Live [...]

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Launch of Beta release of SocialCompare

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Today, we are happy to launch SocialCompare beta version. The main objective of this website is to provide users the ability to create, maintain and share comparisons easily. As explained in our previous post, for the moment, we have few content, we need to create more. Indeed, we depend on users generated contents to become a more [...]

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